Thursday, June 21, 2012

Going Great --------Red Bird Mission--- Chad Brock--------


    Saturday June 16th was the grand opening of the Red Bird Farmers market. We had a pretty good turn out and participants seemed interested in coming to sell some of their vegetables. We had lettuce, peas, cauliflower, onions and fresh potatoes for sell and sold out of almost everything. We will now hold our farmers market here at Red Bird Mission every Saturday from 9 until noon as long as we have produce coming to be sold and have encouraged all of our participants to attend as well as inviting other gardeners in the community to come and sell their produce.

      I have continued doing my home visits and I am really impressed at how well these gardens are looking. 
Our second and third year participants are really doing well and have learned alot. I now have them teaching me tricks they have learned or have stumbled upon and I can see a huge growth in their confidence and knowledge of gardening. Some of our first year people "WOW" well lets just say  their gardens don't show it, their gardens look great too. They all have this sense of pride as they walk around showing me their gardens and bragging on what they have harvested and ate or shared with family and friends and how good fresh vegetables taste. This makes me feel really good about the work that the Grow Appalachia program is allowing us to do and we are all very thankful of the opportunity we have been given.

Nikki Wagers Garden
Nick family Garden

Henry Ledford proudly showing his Scuffle hoe

Henry Ledford's Garden
Wolf Family Garden

Wolf Family Garden

Instead of copper spray the Wolf's decided to
use a piece of copper wire beside each tomato plant

Wolf Family Garden

Brenda Smith's garden

Herbert Couch's garden

Henry Ledford's "Bean Tower"

Robert Griffin's Garden

Herbert Couch's garden

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  1. I see the copper wire caption, are you all anticipating blight and has the wire proven to work in past years, or is this a new experiment? Thanks!
    -Saxon at ASPI