Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another Busy Week For Grow Appalachia at Red Bird Mission ----- Chad Brock

Here at Red Bird Mission the Grow Appalachia crew is working on getting stakes and cane poles for all of our participants' tomatoes and beans. This has been a pretty busy week between caring for our Grow Appalachia Gardens; weeding, hoeing, fencing watering plants etc. and gathering our poles and getting our insecticides and fungicides order together.

We are going to make another round of home visits as soon as we have these things ready to distribute to make the most of our visits. I am really anxious to see how the gardens are looking. There are a few I haven't seen since we distributed their plants and that has me curious! I have seen quite a few of the participants who have requested assistance in their gardens and they are doing well. Just have been super busy tending to the gardens here on Red Bird's campus and haven't had the time to get around to all of the gardens.

We received a couple nice tool donations .One from the Columbia U.M.C in Ky. The other was from a volunteer from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin that spent time helping us prepare our raised beds and did a lot of wonderful work on our strawberries. She sent us a nice little Oriental hand tool for shaving weeds and planting as well as a special variety of sweet corn seed by the name of Mirai .This variety of corn is supposed to be the sweetest on earth and hold its sweetness for days. I would like to send a huge thanks to these special people. Donations like these help to impact the program, and shows that these people are really impressed by the service they have seen Grow Appalachia provide to the people in this area.

Tool donated by Volunteer

                                                  Tools donated by the Columbia U.M.C

           Tools donated by the Columbia U.M.C

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